About Lazuli Picnics Co. LLC

Lazuli Picnics Co. was born  in 2018 out of love for the simple things in life and enjoying the outdoors.  

What better way to do so than celebrating special moments by creating a picnic experience in the beautiful places of the Mile High City? Lazuli Picnics Co., the first and best luxury picnic experience in the Denver Metro area, was created to do just that: to celebrate any event from birthday parties to engagements. Don't be fooled by others who say they're the first and only!

Lazuli Picnics Co.  works with you to create the best and most magical, intimate gathering for your event. Everything from start to finish, including food and décor, is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We strive to make the world a better place, even through simple means. This is why we are working with local small businesses as well as local and state parks and  charities in our community.

Enjoying the simple & small things in life

When we were thinking about a name, we wanted something creative, something that not only represented Denver, but also its history.. 
We looked endlessly at Colorado's history  as well as what resonated with us. That's when we came across the semi precious rock, lapis lazuli. The name of this rock immediately caught our attention. It was unique and stood out.
Lapis Lazuli is found in Colorado and is a deep blue color with gold streaks. It was highly valued back in the day as one of the most expensive blue pigments when crushed. It can even be found on King Tut's funeral mask! 
Just like the lapis lazuli, we are beautiful, bold, highly valued and versatile.  We want you to feel the same because you too are beautiful, bold, highly valued, and versatile.

Be different

Our Name

I was three years old when I invited everyone from daycare to celebrate my birthday at my house. Here's the catch: I hadn't informed my parents that these festivities were happening. 
It has been in my nature to create and celebrate magical moments, whether it be a graduation, a birthday, or life in general.  I used to pick themes for my birthday months in advanced and hand-make all the invitations. One of my favorite parts was always deciding what to put in the goody bags. I wanted them to be unique and go beyond just candy and cheap toys; I wanted my guests to feel special. 
Nothing has changed. I love planning events and I want you to feel just as special during your picnic experience. 

it is always a wonderful day to celebrate life

About Laura

Thank you for letting me be part of your celebrations!

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